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Bookkeeping for Maximizing Tax Strategy Savings

In order to get the most from your tax strategy, it is important to capture and properly record your activity. We specialize in working with your Tax Planning Professional to complement the tax structure designed for you. We will setup and maintain your bookkeeping to ensure you get the most from your tax planning.

We track your business activity, as well as identify and track expenses related to key areas in your personal spending that could further boost your tax savings.

Business Bookkeeping Activity that Keeps Your Strategy Sound...

Establishing and maintaining a consistent activity pattern helps keep your tax structure sound in the eyes of the IRS. Some areas that are crucial are:

  • Small Business Payroll
  • Distributions
  • Paying Business Expenses from Your Business Account
  • Capturing Business Expenses Paid from Your Personal Account

Personal Bookkeeping Activity that is Often Overlooked...

  • Household Expenses for Home Office Usage
  • Mileage Tracking
  • Travel Expenses
  • Meals & Entertainment
  • Company Book Compliance Review

Company Book Review Service

What is a Company Book?

The company book is a documented history of your company. It includes organizational information, annual meeting minutes, board meeting minutes, even year-end financial statements. The company book is an essential part of every effective tax strategy.

Every entity should have a company book. If you are ever audited, a well-maintained company book is an invaluable resource:

  • It provides documented proof of your business decisions & intentions
  • It substantiates deductions that could be disallowed (i.e. home office usage)
  • It is cost-effective and simple to have professionally maintained

Be Proactive Not Reactive...

What is the best way to ensure your company book is protecting you?

  • Undergo a professional compliance review of your book
  • If you don’t have a company book, we will set it up for you
  • Maintain your company book with a simple annual maintenance check

More Accounting Services for the Business Owner Who Needs More Time

  • Remote access to live books keeps you connected 24/7
  • Bill payment options keep your payments timely by setting up and monitoring your bill pay service or receiving & paying bills for you
  • Enhanced cash flow monitoring by creating your customer invoices and tracking your accounts receivable
  • Payroll processing takes the hassle out of paying yourself and your employees, including timely and accurate payments and reports to government agencies